Volume 8 (I)

International Journal of Luminescence and Applications (IJLA) Volume 8 (I), Date: February, 2018, ISSN 2277 – 6362
1 265

Luminescence efficiency of Dy3+ ions in zinc aluminum phosphate glasses

By G. Naga Raju

2. 266

Fatal error in the May and Partridge general order kinetics equation.


3. 267

Photoluminescence Study of Europium Doped Gd3Al5O12 Phosphor

By B. Vinod Kumar, B. Walter Ratna Kumar, P. Kamala, T. Malathi Rekha and K.V.R. Murthy

4. 268

Preparation and Investigation on New Generation Peaks of Eu Doped
Sr2CeO4 Phosphor

By Ch. Atchyutha Rao, K.V.R. Murthy and Savali Ravi Kumar

5. 269

Effect of Flux on (Dy3+) Photoluminescence Behaviour
in Sr2CeO4 Phosphor

By Savali Ravi Kumar, Ch. Atchyutha Rao and K.V.R. Murthy

6. 270

Al2O3:Tb – Phosphor For Mechanoluminescence Dosimetry

By R. K. Rai1, R. S. Kher, S. J. Dhoble, N. Divya and A. K. Upadhyay

7. 271

Thermoluminescence study of Natural Dolomite Mineral

By P.P.Zala, K.V.R.Murthy, R.U.Purohit

8. 272

TL Characteristics of BaMgAl10O17 doped with Ce, Eu and Ce:Eu

By A. P. Zambare, S. D. Kadlag, S. K. Thorat and and K. V. R.Murthy