International Journal of Luminescence and Applications (IJLA) Volume 7 (III & IV), Date: December, 2017, ISSN 2277 – 6362
1 241

A Review on Perovskite Solar Cell for High Efficiency Future Applications

By Manisha Gupta, A. Oudhia and D.P. Bisen
2. 242

Synthesis, Photoluminescence, Charecterization of MgO Nanophosphors Influenced by Dy3+ Ions Concentrations

By Gitanjali Sahu and Anubha S. Gour
3. 243

Conductivity Studies on Na+ -Ion Conducting 2-Phase Inorganic Composite Electrolyte and Composite Polymer Electrolyte

By Manju Sahu, Tripti Bala Sahu, Shrabani Karan, Y.K. Mahipal, D.K. Sahu and R.C. Agrawal
4. 244

Mechanism of Mechanoluminescence in Elemental and III-V Semiconductors

By Shalini Patil
5. 245

Photoluminescence, XRD and SEM Studies of Chemically Deposited Undoped and Doped (Cd – Pb) S Films by Chemical Bath Deposition Method

By Purna Bose and Neelam Shukla
6. 246

Synthesis and Characterization of BaAlSi5O2N7:Tb Nitride Based Phosphor

By S.A. Fartode and S.J. Dhoble
7. 247

Effect of Excitation Energy on Photoluminescence Properties of Ti Doped ZrO2 Phosphors

By Ugendra Kurrey, Nameeta Brahme, D.P. Bisen and Shweta Sharma
8. 248

Ionic Transport and Material Properties Studies on Fumed Silica Dispersed Mg2+ -Conducting Nano Composite Polymer Electrolytes (NCPEs)

By Dinesh K. Sahu, Y.K. Mahipal, Ram K. Gupta and R.C. Agrawal
9. 249

Ion Transport Property Study in Ag+-Ion Conducting Solid Polymer Electrolyte(SPE) Films:[(1-X) PEO: X AgCOOCH3]

By Tripti Bala Sahu, Manju Sahu, Shrabani Karan, Priyanka Kesharwani, Y.K. Mahipal and R.C. Agrawal
10. 250

A Hybrid DWT-ANN Based Fault Location Algorithm for Parallel Transmission Lines

By Aleena Swetapadma and Anamika Yadav
11. 251

Comparison of Various Adaptive Filtering Algorithm Techniques for Removal of PLI Noise from an ECG Signal – A Case Study

By Anurag Shrivastava, Vivek Chandra and G.R. Sinha
12. 252

Soft Computing Models for Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis using Gait Features

By Chandra Prakash Rathore, Rekh Ram Janghel, Kshitiz Verma, Swati Rathore and Saroj Kumar Pandey
13. 253

Converting Local Data in Global Data using Filtering in Wireless Sensor Networks

By Vikash and Shirshu Varma
14. 254

Design of Continuous Time Sigma Delta ADC for Signal Processing Application

By Anil Kumar Sahu, Vivek Chandra and G.R. Sinha
15. 255

Innovative ZigBee Technology in Wireless Homecare Monitoring

By S.M. Ghatole1 and P.B. Dahikar
16. 256

Difficulty in Estimation of Salt and Pepper Noise and Suitability of Median Filter to Remove IT from Images

By Devanand Bhonsle, Vivek Kumar Chandra and G.R. Sinha
17. 257

Image Processing Techniques for Remote Sensing Applications

By G.R. Sinha and Kavita Thakur
18. 258

Research Impact of Astronomical Image Processing

By G.R. Sinha, Kavita Thakur and Prafull Vyas
19. 259

Extraction of Features from Dummy Face for Improving Biometrical Authentication of Human

By Rohit Raja, Raj Kumar Patra and T.S. Sinha


Development of Universal Steganalysis using Co-Occurrence Matrix Features for the Corner Image Pixel and Performance Analysis

By Swagota Bera and Monisha Sharma


A Heart Speech Model Based on Correlation between Heart Parameters and Speech Features Extracted from Speech Signal Analysis

By Kavita Thakur and Anjali Deshpande


Efficient SEM Image Compression for High-Quality Reproduction of Nanomaterial Images using Lapped Biorthogonal Transform and Block Variance Classified Variable Rate Quantization

By Vikrant Singh Thakur, Kavita Thakur and Shubhrata Gupta


Transit Timing Variations Analysis of Extra-Solar Planet Qatar-1b

By Parijat Thakur, Vineet Kumar Mannaday, Ing-Guey Jiang, D.K. Sahu and Swadesh Chand


Comparative Study of JKTEBOP and TAP Codes for the Light Curve Analysis of the Extra-Solar Planetary Systems

By Vineet Kumar Mannaday, Parijat Thakur, Ing-Guey Jiang, D.K. Sahu and Swadesh Chand