Luminescence Society of India (LSI), Baroda

Luminescence Society of India (LSI)Since 1990, Luminescence Society of India (LSI) is providing a forum for interaction for Indian scientists and technologists with affiliation to different universities and research institutions in the field of thermo-luminescence, photo-luminescence, elctro-luminescence, mechano-luminescence, bio-luminescence, chemi-luminescence etc and their applications by organizing annual conferences regularly. Two international conferences were also successfully organized in 2000 and 2004 at Baroda and Mumbai respectively, wherein Indian researchers were joined by a large number of foreign scientists also.

Call for Papers for Regular Issues

Submissions are requested for the Regular Issues of International Journal of Luminescence and its Applications (IJLA).

As all the published articles are Open-Access it faciliates the academicians and researchers from various labs and institutions to download the articles free.

International Journal of Luminescence and Applications [ IJLA] is an interdisciplinary PER-REVIEWED journal published quarterly covering material science, Luminescence and Applications. The objectives of journal is to encourage original contributions of major research ventures and is focused towards research being carried out in mentioned fields and emerging innovations by scientists, technologists and engineers in the modern era as Sharing knowledge is essential for the progress of science. Its aim provides a forum to assist the academic staff and industrial technologists from local and foreign institutions on publishing research results and studies through this scholarly publication and make the newly created knowledge readily available to the sceintific community.

Luminescence Society of India (LSI), Baroda